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The 1971 Ford forgotten Torino

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By Mark Weisseg

Just stop and look at that photo again please. The car is so smooth and sleek one cannot imagine how this could not be a great classic.

We lived near a Ford dealership as kids and we would always ride our bikes ( without helmets) over to the dealership to look at cars. I mean they had a big floor plan and I am not talking about the size of the showroom. But, rows and rows of Mustangs, Torino’s, Pinto’s, and so on. Of course as kids we gravitated toward the Mustangs but if you looked hard enough the Torino was a great car.

Big selection of engines, color choices, and interior upgrades made this car worthy of our time. The car was somewhat light on the weight scale so if you bought one with a bigger engine you could smoke those Firestones right off. Remember in those days just about every ford vehicle came with Firestones. That is until the Explorer issue decades later.
But let me get back on track here and refresh your memory for a car that sold just ok until a TV show sparked a comeback. That show was Starkey and Hutch and if can believe this they were cops with a red Torino with a cool white stripe down the side. The car had endless speed on TV and no matter how rough the chase scene was the Torino always came away unscathed.

I don’t see many at the car shows I attend or the auctions I grace. Why? Well, it was a nice car and had many benefits and features but nice cars sometimes fade away. That is a shame because even without the Starsky and Hutch claim to fame the car was and is a solid car. The ride was good, nice seating, certainly had power if you chose so, and styling was a hit.

You are never going to get rich finding one in a barn and restoring it, but if you find one in good shape the car is worth your time and effort to make it come alive again.

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