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The 1969 Pontiac GTO

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this sweet car on the good old internet today and had to share it with you. The car strikes a beautiful balance of a true sleeper.

Nobody back in 69 would have thought this car was what we called a slow poke. Even though it has the red line tires and no real shock value you just knew it was a rocket ready to be lit.

I have a car like this in that I went for the original look or sleeper look as some say. Today it is not to line up at the red light and smoke any car stupid enough to take you on. No, it is brought back to showroom condition and gives everyone some insight to what was hot.

Today, we seem to think hot rod classics all came with big chrome wheels and tires along with maybe a flame or decal of some sort. In the real world back then you find many of these cars came from the showroom with panel fit issues, somewhat skinny tires and boring wheels. Inside you might find a bench vinyl seat or a buckets with a stiff shifter.

Only today do we take license with our classics and make them into what we wished they were way back in the day. I like the old style classic cars as they were but have no issue with anyone who changes the appearance to their liking. That is as long as you can see what it was.

Recently I saw a classic so radicalized I had a hard time figuring out what it was. I mean it’s there money but I believe one can only go so far before you take it too far. That’s just my opinion and you have yours but I hope we all agree the car above is one sweet ride.

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