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Thank you Ladies For Our Car Choices

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By Mark Weisseg

First, no man would buy a station wagon if it were not for the women. The men would say that the family of six can easily fit into a Impala. Heck, we all grew up with one bathroom in our houses and usually one telephone on this wall with a very stretched cord. We managed. We we told to get in and out of the bathroom el quicko. Phone all: keep them all short and to the point. But, the wives won out on the station wagon so the men figured way around a awful looking box on wheels. Get a big engine in the wagon. Sure, buy the big 440 engine and she will never no the diff.


Or the other car in the picture is of a swivel seat that was available. It’s not an option in my book. If I could get her to spin around that barber chair and beat the ears off the passengers! Gadzooks we have a winning seat program. No more telling me how to drive. If I get lost its the back seat cell mates that will pay the price, not me. This seat should not be an option on any car. It ought to be standard even today. It was a short lived idea but gulp, it was a good one for sure. Why oh why did it end? Have mercy on all of men please.


And the last picture is provided to make you feel alive again. Nobody in the 60’s was better suited to ride a triumph motorcycle than Ann Margaret. It’s easy to see why Elvis was doing the dance with her. Wouldn’t you? I just through that picture in to make you, and me feel alive and strong again. As men we have been beat down for the last thirty years and I had to remind myself why my pants are different than a certain presidential candidate. Men don’t wear pants suits but when we do wear our good pants and see Ann back in the day they sure seem to fit much better eh?


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