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Surprising Ways Gullwing Cars are More Refreshing than New Socks

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By Mark Weisseg

Most young people think of a DeLorean when you say Gullwing cars. That is what the movie and Television business has done. But, we know better.

At our last car show for the year a local restoration shop brought down a few cars that were done in order to show off there wares. The cars were beautiful. But, this Mercedes was sitting under a tent for the display.

The car is in the midst of a restoration and regular folks were able to see what a real Gullwing is actually about.
I studied that car for a long time but, not too long. I had much to see and do that night but I can tell you this car was amazing. The one item that had me scratching my pointy head was how hard it was to get in and out of the darn car.

Once those wing doors were opened there is a big piece you need to climb over in order to get in. I will bet when those doors shut you must feel pretty darn important. Of course you cannot open those huge doors in a standard parking slot. The steering wheel also is hinged to help you get in and out. Quite the automobile.
I will never be able to afford one but the car is something very special. Everyone who came across it was impressed. Me, I kept thinking about what that darn car must cost and then how much the restoration costs are. But I guess if you can swing one of these that is the last thing on your mind.

It was an interesting fit as the show runs from 5pm to 9pm and it was the last one of the year at this location. At 5:03 the terrible DJ came on the scratchy PA system and said the lots were full and the gates will be shut. Only when a car leaves will someone else be allowed in. And that my friends is a healthy car show.

This car in my opinion took the prize for the coolest car on the lot. One had many choices but to see history right in front of my crooked nose was just to cool and that’s the point.
Gullwing Cars are not the most practical, they are more costly to make and restore and may not even be the best drive, but the cool factor overrides all these things and once you get a crowd admiring a car such as this, all the labor and money costs go out the window.
It’s the impact the car has at the end which matters.

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