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SuperBirds In The Snow

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By Mark Weisseg

It does matter that these are SuperBirds. The cars could be anything for the story. But since ‘birds are in the picture it’s kind of cool. As I write this the upper Midwest of America is in the midst of a winter blizzard. So much snow the main interstates are closed. Trucks must use chains but with so many roads closed what’s the difference. And it’s 86 degrees in Miami Florida.

But back in the day a car was a car. You used it for everything. Why? Because that is all you could afford. To imagine one of my classics out there in the snow would make me jump off a cliff. But in the way back machine we see regular cars with snow tires and chains on them. The cars are cold, full of snow and ice and barely make it.

We all did it. We piled in the car after we warmed it up and brushed off all the snow. Then, we jumped in and got snow all over the carpeting and floor mats. We shivered and hoped the heater would warm us up. Once in a while the driver would turn on the wiper blades if something got splashed up on the windshield. Hopefully, someone put in washer fluid that did not freeze up.

Did anyone check the coolant to see if it was full and could be used in this Arctic blast? It better be good to twenty below because if it is ten degrees outside and the wind is blowing it has to be. Did anyone cut out cardboard in the grill? You became an expert quickly if you lived in cold weather.

Now, fast forward to 2016. The lucky few that own a Super Bird have it tucked away in the garage for the winter months. Never drive that son of a bitch in the rain. Only drive it if the bad weather is a thousand miles away. Does any of this sound normal to you?

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