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By Mark Weisseg

Pictures can say a thousand words. We all have heard that story up until photo shopping became a way of life. Now, pictures are important but deeper dives are now the norm. One can easily be fooled and yes it has happened to many.

I have a friend that loaded up his trailer and drove eight hours for his dream Corvette he bought on eBay. Upon arrival the car was nothing like what was advertised. The pictures were old and the seller used stock photos. Needless to say my friend did not buy that car and reported the fraud. But, he wasted a 16 hour round trip plus meals and a hotel for the night all for nothing.

So, I saw these pictures of great cars that were discovered in the usual places and thought how beautiful they were. At this stage the cars are as pure as a new fallen snow. There is no secret what condition they are in and what you need to do. Is it the best way to buy a project? Well, yes if you want the most work and the highest repair expenses. But, sometimes you buy a classic car that looks done or partially done and you find when you get it home you need to tear it down. Shoddy work, poor labor skills,and yes you may find second rate parts were used.

I am a purist and I want all of my vehicles right. I want the right parts installed and I want it done right. Most of us do. I have bought a few cars that the wiring was terrible, the fit and finish was not that good and worst of all- someone really did not know what they were doing. It caused more work and additional monies. We stood back at times and scratched our heads and wondered who could have done something this stupid. But, it was in my possession now and it was now up to me to correct these miscues. When you restore a classic there are no excuses and no second rate repairs. So, if you are going to do it by all means do it right the first time.

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