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By Mark Weisseg

when I see hot rods like these, it brings many associations. How cool the owners must be to own rides like these. Sure, I may be alone in the neighborhood with that thought but these rides are sweet. The windshield on the one on our left is so small I am not sure I could see where I was going. It would be like watching Mr. MaGoo cartoons again with him driving on the roller coaster.

We have respect for these cars as we understand the costs involved to make these cars cool. We also know the hard labor and the other items you gave up along the way to make the dream come true. My only beef with anyone who does these hot rods is when they have say a ’33 Ford and they drop in a Chevy 350 engine. It’s the easy way out and I don’t like it. It’s a Ford, keep it a Ford.

Same as if it were a 34 Chevy. Drop in a Chevy power plant. Some might say, Jimmy Crack Corn it’s not that big of a deal but it is. Don’t always take the easy way out. Dig deeper, work a bit harder, show your love and you will not be sorry folks. Now back to the hot rods.

It’s on my bucket list especially since I got to sit in a steel bodied ’32 Ford recently. I know someone who has had one forever and I just planted my carcass in it recently. No chop here, so with the way he mounted the seat I had plenty of head room and that buggy has my mind spinning. It certainly is a two seater no matter what but as long as it’s comfortable and I can see where I am going, it’s the hot rod for me.

So, all you hot rodders out there keep building and showing us the way. It certainly is a way of life or I should call it a lifestyle instead. Either way I finally get it. So much so I made an inquiry last night to a car I know hidden in a barn. I sent a note to the guy and asked for his rock bottom price for the Model A and told him I wanted to make a bad ass hot rod out of it. I await his response as I write this. I guess the whole deal just needed a little push and I got it. Now for the hard work.

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