Should You Buy a Shelby GT350?

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Shelby GT350

By Dave Ashton

When it comes to receiving sound car advice, the information should come from those who have experience with the vehicle. The person should also be either a long time mechanic or hobbyist with plenty of hours under the hood. When I stumbled across the video, ‘Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy a Shelby GT350’ it basically looks like someone with strong opinions and a definite message.

Reading through the short biog. with the video, it seems Scotty Kilmer has been an auto mechanic for 53 years. So, it’s more than likely that he’s worked on a few Mustangs in his time. Does that mean he has seen the full spectrum of good, bad, and indifferent Mustangs to come to a worthy conclusion? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s worth hearing out why a Shelby GT350 may not be a good fit if that is the case from a long-serving mechanic.

Although the video is only 10 minutes long, it packs in a lot of answers to general car queries. The video is more of a question and answer segment covering lots of cars and problems. The GT350 topic is answered from the top, from someone asking if they should buy a 2017 GT350 for something fun to drive. The basic answer is to buy a Mustang GT that still has a V8 engine and 5 or 6 speed transmission.

The reasoning to go for a basic Mustang GT is that it costs less, lower insurance costs and the standard V8 is a better match for the transmission. Then there’s the regular advice of buying a used racing car. With any performance vehicle, you don’t know how hard it’s been thrashed in the past. The rest of the video then answers questions about other vehicles and problems.

Should you buy a Shelby GT350?

Does this mean you should be entirely put off buying a Shelby GT 350? As with most answers in life, it depends. If you have the funds, it’s your ultimate car and you have had the vehicle thoroughly checked out, then possibly. Used vehicles bring more complications. An independent inspection is worth the money and should be performed with any high-end vehicle.

More than anything, Scotty’s channel is quick soundbites on general good and bad points about individual cars. It’s a bit like asking a long-serving mechanic friend what a car is actually like, no holds barred. It’s worth checking out a bunch of his videos and see if you agree with his approach. There are definitely some tasty tips in the mix, but I don’t think there’s enough discussion to dissuade an enthusiastic GT350 fan from buying their ultimate car. For those just looking for a fun American V8, then the Mustang GT may be a better option.


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