Could We See A 2018 Buick Firebird & Trans Am?

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By Dave Ashton

Before you go jumping for joy that a new Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is coming back, this video is more of an argument for the case of Buick releasing a performance vehicle and those should be in the shape of a Firebird and/or Trans Am.

The Firebird and Trans Am saw their last production in 2002 and Pontiac lived for a few more years, but ever since fans have wanted new versions in some capacity. The Pontiac brand itself doesn’t look like it will ever make a comeback, but the argument in the video is for Buick and GM to bring back the models and bolster Buick’s performance line or at least add something in there that is performance related.

We won’t be going through all the pros and cons put forward in the video as you will have to watch it for that, but a 2018 Firebird and/or Trans Am will be a very interesting proposal at the least, even if it is just to see that huge Firebird on the hood once again.
Some comments on the video say that Buick are too much for a luxury brand to even think of this and it makes more sense for GM. One comment which I found interesting was, ‘love to see Buick revise the GSX in a limited production?’….now that one would be interested.

We’ve also included the video from Trans Am Depot who convert a Chevy Camaro SS into a Trans Am Bandit Edition with 840hp, probably the closest you’ll get to a modern Trans Am at present.

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