Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol

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By David Ashton

A process has been discovered by scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee that can turn CO2 into ethanol, potentially reducing climate change and being a new source of energy for vehicles.

The findings were documented in the Chemistry Select website which shows the potential of this process and how it warrants further study.

The process involves nanotechnology with copper and carbon on a silicon surface, which produces a very precise outcome.

All this may mean that CO2 in the air could be turned into a usable fuel for our vehicles and a possible cycle of production to complement renewable energy.

I don’t think this means that all future vehicles will run on ethanol or even classics being converted to ethanol use, but it does give another option to replacing fossil fuels and keeping our humble V8’s going for as long as possible, if this is the potential only way to keep juice flowing through the mighty V8s.

It seems that the processes is in its early stages, but it does show the potential of this process.

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