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Savannah Georgia Police Car: Old Classics.

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, this Chevy was once a police car in Savannah Georgia. They actually have two cars out in front of the police station for you to look at.

We had to stop and look how law enforcement policed the roads in the early fifties. No creature comforts at all and with one red wobbly light and a siren car. This is how you rode around in all day. No a/c or plush seats , just a six cylinder police car to keep the unlawful in tact.

We chuckled because there was no cage between the seats or gun racks. The radio to communicate was poor by today’s standards. The black paint would have been hot to the driver in the southern heat and yet that’s what they had so that is what they used. No big interceptor engine to out duel the bad guys and certainly no special police package present. I have the feeling they budgeted for a car, went to the local dealer and bought a Chevy. Then the light, siren, and decal was added. Poof, you have a police car. Oh how times have changed.

I live in a city that just sold our “worn out Ford Explorer police car” to a smaller town about an hour and a half north of us. I thought how is it worn out for us but if you go to that police department web site they are giddy they are getting such a great used police car. Obviously it is a matter of taxes. Our town is bigger and they tax us to death so they can flip cars quicker than the small town who may keep this Explorer another 100K miles. But let’s not get into the tax issue. Let’s focus on the car.

I really dig this old Chevy as a police car. Simple, straight forward good old black police car. It served the community well and they are proud of the departments history. The car attracts much attention for the department and in turn causes good dialogue between citizens, the visitors and the local police.

It’s a great idea to embrace the past while we live in the here and now.

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