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Safety First When Working on Your Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

I guess on second thought it is not just American. But, I have never been across the Pond to see first hand if the hobby people there do silly things like this. Not very safe at all but it works. I may have tried this myself years ago but not now. Hats off for thinking this will work and I guess it did but please folks do not try this at home. The interesting item in this picture is one you cannot see.

This project is going on in a regular neighborhood in America and not some farm somewhere. There are houses all around this project. How would you like to live next door to this? Or, try selling your home. Good luck. I like the project and like the way the guy thought about it but I am against it here. Now, here is where he may only have to do this but it wrecks the area. Look at all the stuff all over the place. Imagine the noise ?

Safety should be first in any project. Everyone needs to think about what they are doing and how they intend to do it. I saw firsthand in my career some very bad accidents. Almost all were avoidable. Someone did something very stupid or did not think it through. There is nothing funny about needing to call a loved one with very bad news. I have done it and hope to never do it again. I love the idea of the project but this is not the place to do this. Nor, should this tactic be used. Jack stands, floor jacks, hoists or other safe means are the only way. Using barrels are not. Let’s be safe and smart in our work and use common safety sense.

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