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Never Give Up On A Muscle Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

Here is a great example of the before and after shot. Obviously the reason I showed this is for all you guys out there who want to start a project or need to finish one.

The process is a long one and full of twists and turns. You will experience so many headaches you did not imagine. The money will feel like it’s falling out of your wallet fast. Some close to you will tell you that you are over your head. Others will say it’s not worth it. The challenge all of us have while doing our projects is not to throw in the towel. It is easy to quit and chalk it up to experience. I am here to give you hope. My projects were costly but I never wanted to quit. It’s my nature to see the storm through. You can do it too if you block out the noise. When you feel like all hope is lost turn to the people you know you can trust. Look for a mentor a person who believes in you and your project. When parts are scatters all over the floor and another order goes on back order you will need to take a deep breath.


We all have budgets and must live within them. Nobody said you need to finish the project this spring. It may take you longer to do it right. What’s another few months to do it right? If you rush you may regret a decision and then undoing that mistake could take longer. Some cars cost more to rebuild or restore but those are the ones that will bring the most satisfaction. Looking at these pictures gives you an idea what this person dealt with. But, look at the results! I know exactly what that joy feels like. When I drive one of mine when done I feel like a teenager again. Heck, just starting it up and hearing the engine roar was such a high point. Please, do not give up the fight. Don’t be another guy who needs to advertise on Craigslist. Finishing what you started is a dream. You can make your dream come alive but you will need to work at it. Longer and harder than you imagined but when you are done few things equal the happiness. So, let’s go!

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