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A Sad and Neglected Dodge Charger Filet

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By Mark Weisseg

When we see a car like this rotting away we all get angry. After all, when we go to a steak house we order the Filet and hope it’s juicy and tastes delicious. Now, even if you are not a Mopar person seeing a picture like this hurts. We all know the owner has a reason for letting it sit but it still hurts. It cuts like a knife because we all know this car could serve a purpose and be new again.

I own vehicles from all three major car and truck builders. They run from 1928 to 2013. I am telling you this not to brag but, to proclaim all classics cars are worthy of a look.
Now throw in a Charger like this and you have yourself a great car. Wrestling it out of the owner is step one and sometimes the most difficult.

Then, a full restoration is needed along with a lot of patience and deep pockets. Don’t for a minute think you can rebuild this for 10k.
You will be wrong and I say that with authority. I know what it takes to go from start to finish with a classic and it’s rough. Parts for these Chargers are easily found but not cheap. I found that out on my RR. Gadzooks somethings are just crazy high priced. So, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it. My answer for this one would be a clear yes.

I would have this car at a professional shop ASAP and have them get down to the bare metal. Now, I believe by now we all have seen the dustless blaster on TV and I have been told it works well. Same process if it was a Chevelle for all you GM lovers.
At the end of the process, it’s not just about the money spent. It’s the end product and you know that it will only keep going up in value as the years go by, so your money should be well invested.

These Barn and field finds are still out there, not as many as in the past, but they still exist. We just need to track them down and restore of these rare, classic beauties back to their original condition.

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