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Finding Rat Rod Heaven

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By Mark Weisseg

When I saw this picture I about fell over. I blew this picture up as big as I could to try to figure out where it might be. Why? Because I own a 28 Ford Model A and it is being restored to my specifications by my brother. But, deep down I want a hot rod.

Both of these old Fords are prime examples of being just that. The possibilities are endless with either of these cars and it proves these cars are still out there some 80 plus years later.
Why am I doing a Ford Model A? Well, part of it is to honor my late father and part of it is I always had it on my bucket list. In some ways the cars are so primitive or archaic. But look on the other side please. These cars give the builder an open slate to do anything they desire. Isn’t that what most of us desire?

Sure it is easy to go on the web to buy a classic from a respected dealer but if you are a real builder these are what you really want. The list is endless with possibilities on these two classics. I constantly hear people say all the barn finds have been found and they are wrong. Thankfully they are wrong. There are still many classics out there hiding and will only see daylight when an owner passes or finally gives in to a person who has been bugging the owner for quite some time.

My final point is to never give up on a car hunt. No matter if it is a health issue or finding the car of your dreams. If you lose your desire you might as take up stamp collecting. All of us in this hobby desire the holy grail around the next turn. So, probe, dig, ask, and follow up and you just might find that nugget.

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