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Road Racing: Think Before You Speed

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By Mark Weisseg

If you look closely you will notice what kind of car this once was. The picture is old but the story isn’t.
It’s just a reminder to all you gear heads what does happen when you are jacking around on the street.

I doubt the outcome for this driver was good. I once street raced when I was a young pup and when I reflect back I am amazed I was not killed. Or killed someone else.

Today’s drivers feel infallible because we have four wheel disc brakes and a host of other safety features and yet, accidents happen everyday with deadly results. I see it where I live.

Generally they are young males who drive like crazy horses at the beach. Few if any have any real experience. I went to the Richard Petty driving experience twice and it opened my eyes. I came to realize I was not as good as I thought.

I considered myself a good driver and thought they could not teach me much. Gulp, was I wrong.
I threw away my radar detector and decided to keep it safe. I just returned from a road trip and it is sure easy now to set the cruise control and not worry about speeding. Now I worry about distracted drivers. You have seen them.

Reading the paper while driving, applying make up, texting and yes just talking on the phone lost in there own weird world. When I was a road warrior while working I thought I saw it all. Sex acts, weaving, racing, and taking dumb chance like at a rail road crossing. Just a few of the many dumb things I witnessed. And I have not even touched on booze and pills.

So many distractions, poor quality roads and other items that make driving hard. As I aged I noticed my vision was not as good at night and especially when it rains. It’s a fact of life my friends. Please, slow it down. I do not need to attend another funeral.

I also just heard from a friend last week about a guy we both knew. He is living in Virginia now in a hospital. He was speeding on his motorcycle and crashed. Now he is a vegetable lying in a bed with tubes plugged into him. His chances of survival are alright but he will never leave that bed. He will most likely die of pneumonia at some point. He is thirty years old. I am sure he thought he was a great driver. Now, his life and the lives around him are changed forever.

We see many TV shows, which features street racing, but these are strict safety environments, with medical assistance on hand in every precaution they can think of. Even then, things can go wrong, but at least they have the facilities on hand.

Driving fast and at the limit is fun, but it needs to be in a controlled environment, so please, think.

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