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Restoring a Dodge Charger

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By Mark Weisseg

A picture tells a story as long as it is not photo shopped I guess. Take this Charger for example. It’s a project I wish I had on my burner. I love the Dodge Charger of this era and certainly would love to own one. So, this picture tells me someone is just getting ready to take it home and start the restoration of a lifetime.

If restored correctly this car will never lose money. Surprisingly people keep finding old Chargers like this that need a lot of help. That is great for us in the hobby world. But, I have a lingering fear as I own a older Mopar and found out something first hand that I did not realize.

The realization is just this. This car will cost a lot of money to do it right. I mean a lot of money. I have spent ample time looking into the model years of 68,69 and 70 as they are the most popular. They are also the most expensive to restore.

What I see that happens in too many cases is the restorer gives up the ghost as it becomes such a burden. They want to finish it badly but life’s other needs get in the way. If you are not 100 percent committed to working on this every day, on weekends and holidays you will lose the burn. Then, you start storing things on the roof or trunk deck and postpone the entire deal. Before you know it a year or so goes by and you lost the desire. It lands up sitting or you take a stab at selling it on Craigslist hoping you get back at least the money you sunk into it.

I know I took too many words to get to my point but it’s important you understand the background before you plow the fields.
Be sure you have the money. Be sure if you have a spouse or something like a spouse they are in with you. Don’t take long breaks like for a week or two. Stay at it , plan it, dream it, wish it, and please do it or plan on losing your shirt.

But, if you do lose the desire be sure to find it another home that somebody will be able to take over and finish it before it becomes a practice range for a new BB gun.
These cars are that good and in desperate need of people who love and cherish them. They will never make them like this again – ever, so we have one good shot at preserving one of the best cars ever made and known to man.

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