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Restoring a Dodge Charger

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By Mark Weisseg

Great Caesars ghost would you look at his project! The Dodge Charger is going through a complete restoration and the guys doing it are up to there elbows. From the picture we can see a nicely kept home and a project car that is being done the right way the first time.

You can bet his nice home has a garage full of parts waiting for the return back to the car. It’s a thankless project until you get this done. Something about having the paint completed makes you feel you are really on the right side of things. Of course now you must be very careful not to scratch anything but this is the feeling one gets. The next big darn deal is hearing the engine run. Even if it’s only 30 seconds.

Once you hear the engine run you will tell anybody who will listen to come over and hear it. You will take videos, and pictures, and get them on every web site you can. It’s not bragging if you did it my friends. It’s called accomplishment.

You have taken over the garage and maybe basement for over a year and now finally it looks like you are on the last dash around the moon. Been there, done that is a popular statement in our culture today and it does mean something. Once you do this, you can do that! Sure friends helped as did forum boards, emails, phone calls, and even a stranger or two helped.

But, it’s your baby and you want to see it through. It’s like sports. If the idea in American football was to get to the one yard line and stop the game would be dull. Nope, we need touchdowns. It completes us and this Charger is at the ten yard line right now. Do we punt? Nope. Do we give up on downs? Nope. Do we settle for a field goal after all this work? I hope not. We want all the points and adulations for getting the ball over the line. So, then we can do the chicken dance. This project is just that and I am here to remind you whether you are at your 40 yard line with a long way to go or the ten yard line you must not give up. Go for all of it. The rewards will be with you for the rest of your life.

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