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Should You Restomod Your Muscle Car?

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By Dave Ashton

There are usually two camps when it comes to classic muscle cars, one that prefer to keep any car from the era in original condition and those that want the original design and looks, but with modern parts. In reality, the processes isn’t that straight forward as there are many variables, especially with a car that needs restoration. Here we will look at some of the pros and cons of restomod’ing your vehicle.

Barn Finds
When it comes to a muscle car that needs a complete restoration the options are numerous. If you take the car back to completely original condition or enhance it with modern parts is usually down to its rarity and end worth. If it’s a base model it’s more than likely that you can turn into anything you want. Making a rare optioned Cuda for example into a restomod would seem like sacrilege to some, so it’s really dependent on the individual vehicle and how much it is worth restored.

No matter the muscle car’s rarity, a restomod done well always seems to make the vehicle much more visually appealing and can inject creativity and originality not found on the original vehicle. You only have to do Search the website to find examples of incredible custom muscle cars which have a massive variety of powertrains, exterior designs and paintwork to get an idea. Some of the discrepancies in vintage vehicles can be remedied with modern parts and the amount of creativity can be endless.

However, no matter how well done a restmod is built, there is always the argument for keeping a vintage vehicle in original condition. It’s that simple preservation thing of wanting to keep everything as it rolled from the factory. This keeps the car’s original value and has a sense of worth that you can only get with the complete original. The only real downside is that you’re still using vintage mechanics and parts and these are becoming more scarce as time goes by. But there is nothing like a complete original. it has a certain aura that you can with a custom car.

There really isn’t one correct direction for taking a muscle car if it is being restored or enhanced. Be it a barn find or a donor vehicle, it’s really up to the individual owner and their vision for the vehicle.
It would be interesting to hear what you guys think on this subject and if a muscle car should be kept all original or made the best it possibly can be with modern parts. comment below.

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