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The Real World Of Classic Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

I love this picture because it shows the real world of classic car maintenance and restoration.
The body is under repair with sanding, buffing, priming, and painting. You can see these Superbirds at the big auctions in perfect condition. But, the real world of classic cars involves involves much work to get the car as you see them at auction or at shows.

I had the entire side of my Mustang repainted a few years ago due to a big scratch on the door. The guy that painted it said he could paint the door but matching it ( black) is a risk. So, I asked him to paint the entire right side and now it’s perfect. I have had people who claim to be painting experts or wizards not be able to do this job perfectly. So, is my painter that good or are the Wizards or experts not that good? I will go with the first statement as the painter does classic and antiques all the time so he is has the experience and tools.
If look at this picture closer and you will see it’s a real garage. It has all the tools, lights, boxes, and more that most of us can relate too.

My point is there are thousands of garages like this all over the country. Guys and gals are working there tails off to get their cars right. They may not all have luxurious working spaces, but they do have tenacity, a work ethic and a need to produce a fantastic car. The results shine through in the end. Nothing is worse than seeing a special car at a show that was hacked together. It’s like letting the air out of the balloon.
I have had body shop guys tell me that they have had to replace panels because they found bondo a half inch thick or welding so bad and covered up with more bondo that the entire panel is unusable.
Luckily, these bad practices are becoming less and less as everyone knows the worth of older vehicles.

Please think before you sand, drill, grind, or buff. Do you really know what you are doing? If not, get someone who can. You will love yourself later.

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