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Time To Burn Some Rubber.

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By Mark Weisseg

Like bears coming out of their winter hibernation, we are slowly getting our muscle cars back on the road after their winter sleep. However, the dilemma for those first few runs is to burn some tire smoke.
We don’t want to push it too hard with our precious rides, but we also want the thrill that the cars were built for. Dilemma.

I drive two of my classics easy and soft, even though the engines are big. I don’t want to break anything so, I just rumble around and once in a while throw my foot into it. For some reason one car more than another.
That got me thinking. Maybe I should have a classic fast muscle car that is a driver. You know like the old days before we were consumed by reselling and money.
Just get in, turn the key and let it rip. I did that years ago and it was fun. So much so I landed up buying recap tires for the rear because I would be lucky to get 7 to 10 thousand miles out of a rear set of hoops.

I did not care then as I was young and full of life. Not too many problems so with a car I had so much fun. We drag raced, drove too fast and took many dumb chances.
I do not desire to repeat that but, what if I had a hot rod that I could kind of beat and not care?

The old days of buying your first cars in any condition, working on them, and driving them to their limit was part of the rite of passage. It didn’t matter if it was beaten up or not, you had wheels. We grew out of this phase, but there’s nothing like having that one vehicle that you can drag to the limit, take a few knocks and it’s still fine. Even if the back axle drops off while trying to burn as much rubber and produce as much smoke as a shuttle test launch, didn’t matter.
It’s the excitement that’s important.

The thought is tantalizing and if the right deal falls in front of me, I think I am going to bite on it.

I will do my part to show the rice burner lovers that back in the day, we had real hot rods that made everyone notice.

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