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The Real Costs Of Restoring A Plymouth

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By Mark Weisseg

I was cruising through my Facebook page last week and this caught my eye. Why? Well generally all the cars I see on there are fully restored to beauty or are in eight hundred pieces and the seller wants 20k. This car is in the middle of the chain for once.

The car has the typical body work in the typical places. Front fenders rusting away and rear quarters are bad. More than likely the floor board are rough as well. Well, we know we cannot dip the body and make bigger holes so this would be a job for a sand blaster or a media blaster. It’s a fun job blasting a car to expose its bad areas but it is also alarming.

A friend just told me last week he was going to have one of his cars dipped. I shook my head and thought he might be sorry for it. Now, it does find all the hidden areas but sometimes after dipping or blasting an owner can get second thoughts. You know, maybe I am in over my head kind of stuff. Nearly every car as old as the one pictured here will have issues. The question becomes how much can you bear. Everyone has a snapping point.

You buy the car for 10k figuring it will take another 10k to do it right. That is until you dip it or blast it. That is until you remove the seats and carpet. That is until you take the engine apart. That is until all the pieces are on the floor in your garage. Now, you need a magician or a bottle of Tylenol.

Buying cars is easy. Buying fast muscle cars of the past when you were young is very sporty and exciting. It’s only after you start peeling the onion as we say do you start to understand why the car was for sale. You can go to auctions and car shows and be blown away by shiny paint and beautiful interiors. It’s only after you really grab the owner by the ears and ask the tough questions do you find out how much time and money went into the car. I am here to be your guiding light, your other brain if you will. What seems easy is not. It’s what you never saw that you should be on alert for. Trust me fellow fast muscle car people the shine wears thin fast. It’s work and it’s hard work. Everyone is a critic. Everyone.

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