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A Real Bel Air 427!

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes sir I saw this old Bel Air coming into the show recently and thought what a cool old car. Interesting color, skinny tires, dog dish caps, an old man driving it and nothing special.

He parked it near me so I walked over. I look inside at the interior and it’s very tidy and clean. Everything is very neat and orderly. Bench seat, bare bones interior. But, wait, I see a stick shift on the floor. No console, no nothing, just a long handled stick shift. Okay, motor time. Hoods open so let’s see what lies under the bonnet. Gulp and fooey, it’s a 427 stock engine.

I am staring at this like I have the winning lottery ticket. The drool hits my chin, I wipe my eyes again and stare closer. Sure enough. A stock 427 from the factory. Where is the owner? I got to hear this story. He is no where to be found so I take pictures, check out tags, peer inside, look underneath and holy moly the darn car is real. It came from GM like this.

Well, I waited almost fifteen minutes for the owner to return but no luck. I left as I had other cars to see and people to talk with. But, if given the chance I want to track this owner down and hear this story as I have never seen one before. I have never seen a 427 Bel Air with a four speed that was not hacked up or screwed with.
This buggy looked like it rolled out of the showroom yesterday. Jumpin cat fish there must be a great story here and if I track this cat down I will report back to you with the details. In the meantime, just stare at this car. It’s wunderbar.


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