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Is This The Problem With The Modern Muscle Car Market

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw the other day the sales figures year to date on muscle cars. The Mustang pont is winning narrowly over the Camaro and crushing the Challenger. So, will this be a problem say in twenty years? Problem? Yep, when the market is flooded with a certain type of car the values screamed as the buyer has so many choices.

I saw on the Mecum show out of Denver a very disturbing trend. First a 69 Road Runner comes up for bid and it gets to 27k and stops. Bid goes on. Then later a Hellcat from 2015. Bidding stops at 65k and goes to the bid goes on area. Why? You already know. When they first came out with the Hellcat it was hard to buy one. Now, it’s easy. Go to a Ford or Chevy dealer and they are loaded with cars.

The exception might be the GT-R and the newest Z28 models. But for the run of the mill cars they are everywhere. The dealers are thrilled and the OEM’s could not be happier. Why do you think they tease us with more power or a new model and so on. They have us power heads on the hook. At my local car show the Mustangs are everywhere. Sure they are new and fast and have some nice features. But, same for the Camaros. The Hellcat fury is now over as everyone has seen them and understands them. That is why the OEM folks are teasing us with new power plants and more.

Dodge uses Richard Rawlings to promote the Hellcat and he is a perfect fit for those cars. Rarely do you see a Mustang or Camaro commercial. I would love to see them spend a few bucks showing the cars doing a burnout and then the luxury side of all the cars but they do not need too. Look at this helpless FCA company. Other than Jeep and the RAM they have nothing. The Challenger with the big Hemi is the car for them. Then, throw in a 300 once in a while and yes a Four door Charger but the Challenger is the king. If it were not for low fuel prices the Ram sales would be weak. But since the fuel prices dropped here in the states the Rams and Jeeps are selling like crazy.

On the ford side they push a lot of Fusions and Focus cars. And they have the number one truck now for going on 40 years. GM has several great vehicles. Corvette is a world of its own. They sell a lot of trucks too and the Malibu is doing great. I worry there stupid commercials about throwing rocks in the bed will bite them someday. Someday because they too will use aluminum at some point to save weight and will look like a bunch of kooks. The car business is a cut throat industry.

Everyone is trying to figure out the next sales winner. But, currently sales are good on the vehicles mentioned above but I am giving you fair warning. When you go to sell that 2016 Mustang four years from now throw away the KBB. That is Kelly blue book. It is one of my pet peeves. A guy selling a car years ago told me the KBB says the car is worth 12k. I responded by telling him KBB does not write the checks. I do! if they think it’s worth that much let them pay you. Gadzooks, he changed his mind and stopped me as I was walking back to my car. I got the deal I wanted and reminded him that all the commercials on TV were guide posts only. They don’t see the dings, scratches, dents, smells and more. Get real and smell the coffee you melon head.

Boys and girls there is a glut right now in the American performance car market. Love it. Lust it, and buy them but don’t expect miracles in the future when you sell it. Even if you have low miles. The only ones that might stay hot will be the GT-R as they are still rare and maybe a convertible
Z car if you treat it like a baby. The Hellcat is a cool car but today I see Challengers for sale all the time at good low prices. For straight line speed the Hellcat is amazing. But, in corners and in the fit and finish area they lack what they should have done. Check me out. Watch an auction, go to the web sites you like and you will see the Challenger is slow in the resale market. The Glut of Mustangs out there is astonishing and the Camaro does not bring great money at resale time. Just a heads up folks.

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