Plain Muscle Cars Maybe The Best Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a picture of a 79 Firebird with a 301 V8 and you may yawn. I mean the car was sleek and cool looking. T tops, bucket seats, automatic transmission, am/fm radio and a cool spoiler. Still, not a big winner as the car was full of emission devices and it was a bit slow. However, it was a nice car to cruise in and had a lot of possibilities for add on toys.

Now that we figured out the good and cool of this car I will now ask you to take the next step. Did you figure out yet that this somewhat plain car could have been ordered with the screaming eagle on the hood and yes a Olds 455 engine? Man, that changes everything. If back in the day you had a deeper wallet than the next guy you could step it up big time and be king of the streets back then. And, if took care of the upgrade you would still be a king because the 77 to 79 Firebirds were great two seaters. Yes, there is a backseat but lots of luck sitting back there for more than 30 minutes. This car is a pony car just like the Camaro and Mustang of the day. Two real seats, a decent V8 engine, and some bells and whistles inside to make your car cool.

It’s nice to see a plain Jane like this rather than the screaming eagle we all dig. I own a sleeper car myself and people love to see a period car that is untouched as they do if it is resto moded. How many of us got smoked on the street back in the day by a plain Jane Dart? So don’t always run to the big gig and the one that has stripes, animals painted on, or a legend attached to them. These cars such as this somewhat plain looking Firebird is worth or time and effort to but and collect. It sure will be a bunch cheaper to buy and maintain than the big brother.

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