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The Pink 340 Demon: Colors Are More than You think.

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We all have our favorite car colors, some we unanimously like, some are well…more individual! However, a cars color choice may have a much deeper meaning, once you look into the back story.

A friend and former co worker several years ago, finally decided it was time to drag his Dodge Demon out of the garage and begin the restoration process. He was determined to do everything himself and that included paint and interior work. Two things most guys farm out. The real kicker was he never painted a car before so he had no idea how it would look. But, he educated himself, did a lot of reading, prepping, and of course he made mistakes.

I loved the idea of the original wheels, hood scoops, original interior and the original 340 engine. It was going to be like the good old days when these mean machines were out on the street causing havoc.
Then, I asked him what color it would be. He said Pink.
I stared at him and said ” what do you mean pink”. ” are you nuts!”.
I was in utter disbelief and tried getting him to change his mind to another color. I told him he would be the laughing stock of the car shows and it was wrong, just plain wrong.
I finally asked him to tell me why he would pick pink of all the colors out there. He said he and his daughter were doing the restoration together on this car and her favorite color was pink, panther cartoon pink. But, but, but…. to no avail. The car was going to be painted pink.

Then, one Saturday morning I got a phone call. My co-worker and friend had lost their daughter. She had passed away. She was barely out of her teenage years. Everything was a blur for us so we had no idea what he and his wife and other daughter were thinking.
So, the car sat after that for quite some time. He said he was going to finish the car in the next few months, in honor of his now deceased daughter. He did finish the car as you see. He made many mistakes, lots of starts and stops but, he was determined to finish it for her and paint it her favorite color. Now, we all understood much better.

He did finish it as you can see in the picture, the pink never looked so good. In fact, it looks down right beautiful.

It’s a very sad story, but it highlights the point that colors, especially car colors and what we think of them is down to our knowledge and past experience. Color theory aside, the same color can mean one thing to one person and a completely different thing to another.
I now see pink as a beautiful variant of the color red, with much deeper meaning than before.

By Mark Weisseg

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