Peel Out Fail: How Not To Handle Rear Wheel Drive

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By Dave Ashton

The one thing where there is an endless supply its of drivers losing control of their vehicles resulting into smashing into other cars or other bits of their surroundings. Most of these incidents are born out of trying to show the power of their vehicles, but having no clue how to control them.

This is another such video and from the split-second the guy starts to accelerate its a disaster waiting to happen. He has as much control as being on a frozen lake bed and the irony is that he smashes straight into a Ford Mustang ( the car that usually gets a lot of credit for these types of incidents!) Too much power at once, no traction, no driving skill = accident.

The results are completely down to driving experience and skill. A rear wheel drive vehicle takes more skill in handling, but once mastered the driving experience can be far more exciting and thrilling than a front wheel drive vehicle. Put too much power too soon to the rear wheels and it will flip out. Doing this in built-up traffic, bad idea. Basically, there’s so much that went wrong here you could almost write an essay on the incident.

The conclusion? Learn how to drive and handle a rear wheel drive car. Take lessons, practice and most importantly, know the right situation to use the performance. In this video sympathies definitely go to the Mustang owner!

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