2019 Dodge Hellcat Redeye: GT500 Killer?

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by Dave Ashton

Dodge recently announced a few new models coming into their lineup, with the juiciest news being that of the Redeye Hellcat model. Essentially, its best summed up by the quote from Steve Beahm, head of Dodge/SRT in the video, ‘it’s a Hellcat that has been possessed by a Demon.’ In other words, take the best of the Dodge Demon and put it into the Hellcat.

Most importantly, this means the Dodge Demon engine is now in the Hellcat with 797HP and 707lb. ft. of torque with 91 octane gas. There’s also trim and exterior changes, like the addition of a very cool looking and functional dual hood scoop. The video gives a great up close look at the Redeye features and what we know now.

On the surface initial thoughts were this was giving Demon qualities to the Hellcat for those who couldn’t get hold of the limited edition Demon in the first place. However, another point of reference could be Dodge killing two birds with one stone and taking on the upcoming Ford GT500 at the same time….hmmm……

The video goes into detail about the comparisons, which may be speculation at this point, especially with no specific figures for the GT500 as yet, only its possible 700hp+ rating. Still, it does add some fuel to the fire in the Mopar vs. Ford wars.

Basically, a great video if you want the lowdown of what we know about the Dodge redeye to now.

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