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One Or Many Muscle Cars?

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By Mark Weisseg

I remember days like this when I was a kid. My brother and his friends would all be over at our house and the driveway and street looked like a used car dealer.

In this picture, three of the cars I can see clearly have a wing. Today, a winged car with a 440 is a minimum of 150k and I saw a dealer on the web asking 180k for a winged 440. If the folks who had these cars back in the day are alive today you can almost feel their pain. Nobody had a clue where this would go. But, I have a different thought here on this picture.
If these rides are from one family, I would have loved to have that problem. Today, I have too many vehicles for the space I own at home. I am looking for solutions such as renting a space at a local storage facility, buying an old building and storing them, building a pole barn to store them, or a real whopper of an idea.

The thought has crossed my mind that I may have too many vehicles and simply not enough time to drive them all. So, what if I buy one or two big time “I’ll never be able to afford that” cars and rid myself of all the others? It has crossed my mind and I am stuck trying to figure out what to do.
It would be like getting rid of your red headed child and replacing him or her with a new one. Just not a easy thing to do. With humans it’s illegal too! But, do I sell four or five to make room for one or two amazing cars? Should I sell four cars to get the “one”.
I am not even sure what that may even be yet, but if I could time travel I would go to this house and find out what in the world is going on here. The house and the cars look like it might have been a cool place to hang. But, I would guess the neighbors were not always so loving.

One car or many, it doesn’t matter. You tend to love them all equally, but there is nothing like having those one or two extra special rides.

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