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Oddballs and Quirky Rides: Do You Want The Attention?

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By Mark Weisseg

Anyone that has had the pleasure like myself to attend the NASCAR races at Bristol, will know what is in this picture below.

The race was called the Food City 500. They built this giant shopping cart and stuck in a big engine. The thing is huge, not actual size. Check out the van next to the cart. Folks, it runs and drives around the track. It is a crowd pleaser and it reminded me of all the oddball rides out there.

I know we all get a good chuckle when someone posts oddball rides on the internet but they are better in person. At our local show, like every show in the country, someone always shows up with some oddball car or truck.
We certainly do not want to see the same cars and trucks week after week. So I am all for the oddballs from time to time. That is why some of the micro cars are booming today. They promote something different, something not everyone has. I am all for that.

I had a 59 Nash Metropolitan and had the same experience.
Everywhere I went people waved, stopped me in a parking lot or wanted to see it and hear the background story. That is fun for a while but, I must say after about a month of this the process got old.
If I planned a simple quick trip to a store I would allow another half an hour to get past all the lookers. I got to the point where I would ask every single person if they wanted to buy it. I never got a bite, so it made me realize people love to look, love to criticize, or just gawk, but really do not want to spend the money. I wanted a Messerschmitt for a long time but the prices have sky rocketed way past my means.

All oddballs aside, when it comes to muscle cars the same mindset applies. It maybe a quirky paint job, a certain body styling, whatever it is, certain quirky features can make a vehicle standout. The problem with vehicles that wasn’t built to be oddballs or oddities, can also have the opposite effect, making a vehicle look clown-like or even a joke. It can be a subtle and fine line and in that respect, nobody wants to turn a serious vehicle into a point of ridicule. It’s really a taste thing.

So, when you are searching for your next ride do not dismiss an odd ball. You will be overjoyed with your new friends. I hope.

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