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One of The Most Famous Australian Muscle Cars: The Falcon XB

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By David Ashton

The Aussie Ford Falcon had an illustrious career in the 70’s clocking up many Bathurst wins, but it is the XB model that is probably the most recognizable and famous to the rest of the world.

The worldwide fame of the XB came from the original Mad Max movie franchise, with the Mad Max Pursuit Special version as seen in the original.


The XB Itself was produced between 1973 and 1976, with 211,971 models being produced.
The car had sharper and cleaner lines than the XY and XA models that came before it, giving it a more muscular look.
Upgrades included front disc brakes and a more luxurious carpeted interior.


Engines produced included a 200 CI six cylinder, a 250 CI six cylinder, a 302 CI V8 and 351 CID V8. 3 and for 4 speed manuals and a three speed automatic transmission were available.

The Mad Max version had a 351 CI engine in a 1973 XB model, with color-coded bumpers. The car was customized by Graf-X International, Melbourne, Australia.
The modifications included the black paint, spoilers, wheel arches, front nose cone and eight exhaust pipes, which in reality, only two of them functioned.
The infamous supercharger was a nonfunctional Weiand 6-71 which was powered by an electric motor or as some people have said by an air conditioning compressor, not by the engine as per regular superchargers.
The car was further tweaked and modified for the rest of the film franchise, but it was the appearance of the Falcon XB itself in all its forms that cemented it in movie history.

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