Old vs New Muscle: Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs Classic 340 Six Pack T/A Challenger

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We have said in the past that we don’t like comparing old muscle cars to the new breed. They are completely different vehicles. Different eras, different technology, different everything. But, as we are total hypocrites here, it’s also interesting to just see how a certain model of car has progressed over the years and to just see what happens for happenings sake.

In this drag race matchup, they don’t just run the quarter-mile in the two cars – a Dodge Challenger SRT8 425hp and a Classic 340 Six Pack T/A Challenger, they swap drivers.
However, through the multiple runs throughout the day and evening, the times and winners are completely different.

Thus, it’s great to see an old and new matchup, but it rarely concludes anything.
Still, great to watch.

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Old vs New Muscle: Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs Classic 340 Six Pack T/A Challenger, 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings


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