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The Old Scene Of Muscle Car Junkyards

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By Mark Weisseg

This picture of cars piled up was once a regular site. We bought cars, we drove them and when they were old and shot we junked them. Not really much different than today.

Of course now we know we junked many cars we should have held on to. Hard lesson to learn but, we did learn eventually. You cannot turn back the clock so we all need to deal with our stupidity. We just did not know or see their future worth.

Remember the cars were old and very used up by the time we hauled them to the bone yard. In those days, rust proofing wasn’t as good as it is now, so cars were just eaten up quicker. The classic car market wasn’t what it is now and in the early 80s, you just couldn’t give a muscle car away.
We now obviously see the worth of these prized vehicles and with a few modern tweaks and additions, they can be as reliable as anything out there. So it’s all just a learning curve.

I used to be sad and strip the junky cars to the bone looking for an extra part to save for future use. Today, cars do not have that meaning. The cell phone and computers do and they are built to last a year or two. Maybe. Wah.

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