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Muscle Car Talk: You Have To Take It To The Limit

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By Mark Weisseg

A question posed to me months ago is why do we build cars that can go 200 mph when the max speed limit in the US is an average of 75 mph? Sometimes you just need to take it to the limit as the great band The Eagles said in a song and I agree.

If every car had a top end of say 70 mph I believe it would be boring to drive. Imagine buying a Corvette Z06 and the fastest you could go is 70? Gadzooks. Might as well buy a Chevy Cruze then and make your retirement home plans.
There are many other factors – because we can, we may want the odd flutter round a track, it’s how we get to 75 that counts, he wants a car that’s top speed is only 75 miles an hour. The list goes on.

Just look at this rocket Mustang. The huge bulge in the hood gives us notice that something very evil is lurking under there and you better watch your P and Q’s.

But, that’s not all. The paint is killer as is the wheel and tire package. You don’t go through all this effort to go to the grocery store. Whatever they used to shine that paint and the lighting also made me take notice.

A car like this is a great cruiser year round providing you have good weather year round. It screams American hot rod and with the technology today you better be careful you don’t pick a road fight with this beast. Remember back in 2013 and 2014 Ford introduced for a two year run a 662 horsepower, 650 torque Mustang. It had a six speed transmission with a supercharger. It was the fastest production car made at the time with claims it would do 200 mph.

Naturally with big words like that brought out all the magazines and testers to take the car out somewhere and see if Ford was lying or telling the truth. There are you tubes out there that show the testing process and some guys getting to 197, 198, and finally 201. Success.

Now of course the Challenger and Charger with the 707 hp engine claim they are the fastest American made production car and claim the car will do just over the 200 mile mark approaching the 205 mark. Again, plenty of you tube videos showing fantastic burnouts and very fast FCA cars doing the 200mph plus. Either way, it’s good for us customers.

Therefore, you have to take a car to its limit if you use it or not. It’s the fact that it is there that counts.

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