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Old Or New Muscle Cars?

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By Mark Weisseg

Okay, you earned the joy of having two of the same car but just years apart. Kind of like the commercials on TV where anyone can enter and win two Corvettes, or two Challengers. One is brand new and has all the options while the other is a car from the past but fully restored and beautiful.

Let’s put the contest or drawing aside and look at real life. If you have this type of situation at home you really have hit the bells correctly. The mere thought of having say a 2016 Mustang and a 1966 Mustang side by side in your garage is more than most people could dream of. I have a friend who has a 70 Challenger convertible and his goal is to buy a new Challenger with a convertible so he can match them up. I believe the idea is very cool and few of us regular guys will get that opportunity.

Now, the hard part of course. Which one do you drive? You say it is an easy answer in that you will drive both and I happen to believe you, for a while. You see, as I have stated in the past I have older vehicles that I love for many reasons. I drive them and enjoy the heck out of them but I am also happy when I wheel into the driveway. They are tough on us older cats.

When I get behind the wheel of one of my newer classic muscle cars I love the better seating and steering as well as other creature comforts the older ones do not have. I love all my vehicles equally and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. But, some days the old bones just do not want to shift, steer, and brake an old truck. Some days I need the power under the hood, comfortable seats, and a nice stereo to smooth away life’s bumps.

So, to have two cars of the same but of another vintage would be just boss as we used to say in the 60’s, I believe the newer one would get more mileage. Please feel free to disagree because in an earlier article I stated I do not like guys showing up at our car shows with a 2015 car. We can see that car everyday , somewhere if we want to. But, if you have a 64 Mercury lightweight then “Come on down”.

In closing, I hope you get your dream and not from a contest. The odds must be out of this world. But, if you earn the money to actually buy these dream cars, please do so and enjoy and love them equally because you will be in rarified air.

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