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Old Car Ads: Pro Trac Tires

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Oh, how times have changed.
We came across one of these old Pro Trac tire ads. from a one of our readers Facebook posts giving us a blast from the past.
Comments came in, such as – ‘I had 525/60-15s on my Pro Street 70 SS.’, ‘I ran l50 x 15 on mine on rear an 4 inch on front,’ but it also shows how far advertising has come, not just in techniques, but also reflecting the times they were made.

Do you think we would be able to get away with some of the advertising they did back then?
Double entendres ruled in the text and messages. Implying sexuality without being overt, but also implying if you buy this product you could get a girl like this. Not very ‘PC’ by today’s standards.

Like many ads. of the day, they reflected what was socially acceptable or not. Some of the ads we can look at through happy nostalgic eyes, while others we simply cringe at how they even got away with it at the time.

Check out some of these images, and for the sociologists out there, you can pour over how these ads. reflected the times they were made.



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