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Don’t Ignore The 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

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By Mark Weisseg

This car appears to be a B5 blue with a white stripe. Whether the car had a slant six, a 318 or a 340, this car was loads of fun.

We took all these cars for granted back in the day. Hardtop or soft, the cars were built for fun and that is what you got. No mistaking it for a luxury car here but the car was in a league of its own. Obviously the back seat was small and tough to get in and out of but the front seats were just wonderful.

Give me a blue sky and put that top down and it is clear sailing. Funny how when you would put the top up it felt so confining. And, then the car took on a whole different appearance that was not nearly as nice as when the top was down.

Today, when these cars are sold the common thread is top down, dollars up. Why? For the reasons I stated. The car takes on a different personality when the top is up.
I parked next to a guy and his wife at a car show once and they had a Mustang convertible. Never had the top down! I asked why and they just thought it was a pain. Yes, two levers and push a button. Geez.
Then on the other coast my friend in Vegas has a convertible Mustang and last year he picked us up to go to dinner. I asked him if he was going to put the top up while we were inside eating. His reply made me chuckle. He said he has never put the top up. I said well it does rain once in a while in Vegas so….. He said that is what towels are for. Two different extremes for sure.

But, I hope you see my point about this beautiful Challenger. It makes me long for those warm summer nights out on a cruise or a ride just to blow off some steam. Turn on the XM radio and just take it all in.

The rarest of the breed and now the convertible versions, but it doesn’t mean there are not examples out there. They may take more maintenance, but nothing can beat the top down experience.

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