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Old Accidents Are Still Relevant

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw these two old photos on the web today and thought they were worth sharing. Yes, the vehicles are antiques and very old. But, is it relevant to what is going on today?

The answer is a big YES? Go to any car web page and someone has posted a burn out gone wrong or other so called funny event. Yes we see the cars fishtailing and getting into a unlucky crowd. The question is why? Before I get to that I must tell you I heard some guys talking last week about this very subject. They were Anti Ford guys and claimed its always a Mustang leaving an event when this happens. I kept my big mouth clamped shut during this conversation. No matter what I would have said these Einsteins had it in there head only Mustangs crash.

I wanted to butt in and remind them that Mustangs outsell Camaro’s and Challengers right now but saved my breath. They are right about one item however. Plenty of people with little to no experience are buying these modern day hot rods. To go along with that they generally have little to no skills in operating a high horsepower car. First, they should not be doing burnouts to impress the onlookers. That gets everyone in trouble and could possibly shut down the entire event. Secondly, street racing is illegal and dangerous. Put 500 to 700 horsepower under the foot of a person with no experience and you are asking for trouble.

If you want to defy death go somewhere alone and try it. But, on the street where you could hit and kill innocent drivers or pedestrians is crazy. TV shows glamorize the burnouts and wild driving. I don’t see the same shows explaining how to get drunk or drugged up and then try to fly an airplane. It’s foolish and very dangerous. Nobody in there right mind would hand a loaded gun to a child and hope for the best would they? So, why glamorize you racing through the streets like the fast and furious without regard to safety? Please folks use common sense. If you are going to buy a high horsepower car there consequences you must be aware of. Like anything that can kill or maim you must use your noodle. Don’t show off leaving an event. Some events sanction burnouts or quarter mile runs. That’s cool and it is well planned out. Getting on your city streets and trying to drive like Steve McQueen is asking for trouble. Most of read our local paper whether in paper form or electronically. The news nearly everyday reflects a bad incident on our roads. Speeding, texting, carelessness, or mere stupidity gets those folks a casket. Don’t be a fool. Be safe and leave events and shows properly.

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