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The New 2017 Saleen S7 LM With 1,000Hp and Only 7 Units

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By Dave Ashton

Saleen originally released the S7 back in August 2000 as the first American mid-engined supercar. Now they are back with the S7 LM which will be limited to only seven units.

The original S7 had a Ford 351 Windsor engine with 550 HP and was produced between 2000 and 2006. In 2006 a twin turbo edition with two Garrett turbochargers was planned with 750 HP but never saw the light of day. Now it’s time for a limited edition model, where we have precious little details of, but those we know are quite impressive.

There will be carbon fibre on the roof, hood and rear deck, as well as on the front fascia fins and in the upper air intakes. Custom five spoke wheels will finish off the entire look, with the body having aerodynamic upgrades, with a flatter fin at the rear end.
The engine should be a 7 L twin turbo with 1000 hp and with the original being able to do 0 – 60 mph in roughly 3.9 seconds and a 200 mph top speed, this edition could quite well be mind blowing when released.

There are also possibilities that the car could be electrified as per their Saleen GTX, based on a Tesla, but it may well be an upgraded version of their S7 Twin with 750 HP and if they went the electric route a 250hp electric motor. Either way, the current statistics put the S7 LM in the top flight of supercars like the Ferrari F12tdf and Lamborghini Centenario.

All things considered, the new limited edition from Saleen plans to be back up there as America’s best supercar.


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