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I Need A Faster Horse: The Performance Vehicle Of Its Day

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By Mark Weisseg

Today we have some of the best forms of transportation ever imagined. I won’t bore you with all the details auto related of how we got to this point. I want to focus your attention on this buggy.

Can you imagine getting in or on this buck board and driving it to work every day? Whether a horse or a mule pulled you the outcome was the same. A very long, hard ride on a wooden seat all horse powered, but with real horses. Wooden wheels, and a wood body.

We know 2017 is coming quickly but a hundred years ago my grandparents did not own a car or buggy. Most average people did not. My grandfather drove a trolley car for the city pulled by a horse or two. Imagine. But in short order the automobile industry rocketed along just like everything else in the industrial revolution. It’s odd to think my grandparents did not have a car, a phone or a TV until the 1940’s and the TV was not until the fifties. So, in short order we went from nothing to all you can imagine in less than fifty years.

From coal furnaces to geo thermal units. When I was a kid we had one phone, one bath, one car, no ac in the house and a black and white TV. I remember when a friend’s parents got a RCA color TV with a remote for the six channels. They all signed off at midnight with the national anthem and started again at 5am with the same song.

What started out as a covered wagon to go short distances turned into vehicles that can go across the country trouble free in a very short time. The world as a whole really advanced itself from around the 1865 era to today. Advances in transportation, medicines, and much more. It was not that long ago that we could not build a building over five stories in fear it would fall over. Check out the buildings in Dubai now. Gulp.

So the remnants of that era is really just the horsepower rating, may be some coach building work with custom builds, but we can at least revel in the distance we have come, and thank the humble horsey the inspiration for building some of the mightiest engines in the nation.

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