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Mustang 2,3 or 4: How They Went From Good, To Bad, To Good Again.

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By Mark Weisseg

On a recent trip to the west coast I saw this Mustang II and snapped this photo to prove one existed.
This is not to rile Mustang fans, but like any other manufacturer through their history, they go through periods of making great ones and then….. Not so great ones.

Why? Because here on the east coast these cars are long gone. They rusted away quickly or the owners hid them from public view not to shame themselves anymore. This ‘Stang had the standard slow four cylinder engine and to make it worse the automatic transmission. The only item of any value was the sun roof.

But to see a fire engine red Mustang II was a shock to my system. They were bad cars then and had not improved like a fine wine. More like Vinegar. At one point the guys and gals lost their way with the Mustang.

Emission engines, lack of power and changing demands of the buying public took this iconic car and made it into this.

Once the sales charts kept pointing down instead of up someone in the glass office in Detroit had to make a decision. Do we can this car and focus on front wheel drive Taurus’s? If you recall when the Taurus first came out in 1986 the public liked it. Even if it did look like a turtle the buying public liked the car and they sold a ton of them. But, what about our poor little Mustang? It was dead in the water for now.

Finally some fancy suit decided to remake the Mustang and take a chance once again at a powerful Mustang. Eventually, we saw Fox body mustangs and from there on out the car got better and better. Today, the Mustang is a winner and the new Gt350 R is top dog. Rumors circulate that we may see a GT500 Eco boost twin turbo version at some point. But, you don’t need to buy the GT350 for a good time. No, even the new 4 banger has power for your needs. The six slapped has plenty of horsepower too.

I am just glad the mustang pictured did not last long and that someone at the blue oval did not give up. But, this was a bad time for Mustang lovers.

Glad they are now back to where they should be, the American classics they are.


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