Muscle Cars Are Not Meant To Be Sensible.

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By Dave Ashton

Muscle cars, even by their definition are out of the ordinary, not meant to be your everyday sensible car.
This is really a reaction to an article from  stating that ‘gas guzzling vehicles are no longer sensible.’

Well the news is, they never have been sensible and that’s the point, but the article also highlights how the Barack Obama’s administration has mandated that vehicles need to reach an average standard of 40 mpg by the year 2024. So, if ‘drivers truly have core beliefs’ they should buy a hybrid or small engined car. Hmmm.

Variety and choice is key.
This argument works if you believe that car emissions are the sole source of greenhouse gases and a car is just to get you from A to B.
There are so many arguments against this – a new vehicle will always have a larger carbon footprint than a car currently on the road. Current hybrid electric vehicles need to get their power from somewhere and that is usually still from fossil fuel power plants. So-called gas guzzling cars are used sporadically driven, not every day and even when they are, still only account for a small section of total cars on the road.

However, since the invention of the automobile, the car has not just been a simple transportation device. The need to go faster and be the fastest is a human trait not to be ignored.
So why not have both?
Muscle cars have always been just a small slice of the big automotive picture. They may cost more all round than the average vehicle, but this is no secret when you buy into one of these vehicles.
The argument also leans too much towards the, ‘if you have a conscience you will buy a small car.’ Well, small cars, electric cars, hybrids are not going to save the planet. Road missions will go down, but taking away the thrill and excitement of the so-called, ‘gas guzzlers’ from the small section who buy them seems wrong.

Therefore, it’s important that we have variety in life, so let’s have the cookie cutter vehicles for every day and the muscle cars for the weekend.

Let’s not be sensible.
This is the main point of a gas guzzling muscle car. The ability to step outside the everyday norm and enjoy for a few brief miles something that isn’t sensible.
In a world where we are increasingly asked to be more sensible, a muscle car is a breath of fresh air. Limiting us to only one option or route with vehicles seems quite narrow minded.
What happens to all the third-party tuners, the industry that surrounds motorsport, etc. Many arguments here.

Even if the future does hold that roadgoing cars have to eventually do 300 mpg, run off electricity or vegetables, we can at least revel in our times now and really focus on where emissions need to be cut the most and that is in industry.

Leave us to enjoy our low mileage runs and the occasional burnout while the rest make do in their unemotional tin cans.

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