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After seeing this book on Kegels in Your Car it got me thinking about the latest exercise fashions and then it struck me, muscle car owners are probably the healthiest of any vehicle owners ( this is based on absolutely no scientific fact, but my own narrow observations.)

With our modern busy lifestyles, our more sedentary ways of living, we either don’t get enough time to exercise or partake in no exercise at all. If you are in this category and a muscle car owner, you have less to worry about than a modern car owner.

We work more, thus exercise more.
Most see a muscle car as needing more work than a modern car and this is true, but that extra work keeps us active both in mind and body.
What seems like excessive work to others, is just part of the maintenance program to muscle car owners. It keeps us on our toes and continually active as humans.
While the rest are going to their spin or Zumba classes, the average muscle car owner will probably inadvertently be using H.I.T.  (high-intensity training) when trying to relieve a rusted nut or other maintenance job. H.I.T. is just peak performance through a short amount of time, which gives us longer benefits than low-level exercise. You only have to un do a stuck wheel nut to use a bit of H.I.T.
Even the walking around during maintaining a muscle car is beneficial. Strap on a pedometer and I think you’ll be surprised the distance you walk just doing a small job on your car.

Good vibrations.
The Beach boys knew what we were talking about.
They were referring to the vibrations of music, but the vibrations of a healthy V8 are just as beneficial.
Come away from a cruise in an average muscle car and you are exhilarated in both body and mind.

While the rest are paying for expensive gym memberships, gym clothing, supplements that we don’t really need, the muscle car community are exercising holistically and gaining mental joy from their hobby.

All this is totally subjective, but you don’t exactly feel like you’ve been sat down watching TV for hours after performing work on your car. Most of the time it does feel like a workout, which is kind of an indication it possibly maybe.

If someone says car maintenance is a bad thing, say no, it’s a good thing.

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