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If we like it or not, we all age ( what a happy thought for Monday morning!), but this is the reality we all face and recent studies have shown that a lifelong memory associated with the automobile/muscle car has many benefits in later life.

We have seen ourselves how music can help those with Alzheimer’s and bring them out of their shell. Now the same sort of research is being done with automobiles with the same success.

A study published earlier this year in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work, a University of Montana researcher and his colleague at Ohio State University showed that using automobiles as a focus of reminiscence has emotional and even cognitive benefits for older adults.

“I can’t say it’s going to be a life changer, but it could be a day changer,” said Keith Anderson, a UM associate professor of social work. “And maybe it could count toward improving the days of some of these (senior) folks.”

“Although mobility may be the core function, automobiles transcend this primary purpose and have become social instruments, symbols of personality and well-being, reflections and engines of cultural change, markers to past places, people and events, and in some cases, treasured members of our families.”

Just a simple question asked can open up tons of memories, as the automobile doesn’t just mean freedom, it also means associations with friends and loved ones and the deep, meaningful memories we build with the car are very closely linked.

We see this all the time where we only have to show an image of a muscle car to someone for the memories to come flooding back and most of the time, these are very happy memories.

I’ll give you an example, ‘picture in your head your first car.’ ‘what was it like?’ ‘tell me about it.’
Most will remember not just what it looked like inside and out, you remember the places you went, what you did with the car, where you went and with who, maybe even some of the smells along the way!
They all add up to strong, long lasting memories, which are beneficial triggers later on in life.

Men, women and children benefit
The research shows that the association with the car is across the board for men and women.
The original article shows how one lady was shown a picture of her 1950’s honeymoon car. It may not be a total life changer, but at the very least, it brings the mind back to a time of future possibilities and their heyday…. Not to be underestimated.

For some, any spark that can trigger the imagination, no matter if they are young or old is essential and in this case, the reminiscing of cars gone by, can be potentially as important as any other type of therapy.

It proves the point that the muscle car is there not just to be muscle in name, but also to exercise our most important muscle, our minds.

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