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Muscle Cars To Buy Have Usually Seen All Weather Conditions

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By Mark Weisseg

This falls under the age old header of never abused, never been in snow, never seen rain, adult driven, and so on. As I watch the car auctions on TV, I see these wonderful cars cross the block.

Some are true survivors. Some poor fool bought a Dodge Daytona for $4,500 and drove it two hundred miles before parking it. Those stories are true but very rare. For example, throw a new Ford GT my way and it will have two hundred miles on it this afternoon! Nothing sits girls and boys when it has wheels. But so often a car comes up for sale and it is a 45 year old car. The seller thinks its never been in rain, snow, mud, done burnouts, smoked weed in and so forth. Look at this car. Someone drove this baby good. Right into something else.

My recommendation when it comes to old cars is to drive them. Why not? What’s the point of buying it and then parking it in a special garage? So you can stare at it? Screw that. I want to get out there and rock that thing and let it know I am in charge. Put away the white gloves and soft music. Get out there and throw on a Kiss cd or maybe AC/DC. Remember, you want the neighbors to look out the window and smirk. As they watch reruns of Monty Python on the BBC you are out scaring the hell out of the kids at the mall with your revs. Nobody drives 55 as Sammy Hagar claims and I agree. If I am doing 55 it might be in second gear as I Go through to six speed. Be the talk of your area and light those skates up on the back.

Basically, when you are buying into a classic car, it would or should have seen some road time and a variety of weather conditions. There are precious few that were bought from the showroom then put in temperature controlled conditions.
So, judge a car on face value and the documentation that comes with the vehicle. If it’s an amazing condition and has seen some action, it makes the back story even more precious.

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