Muscle Cars: A good Investment?

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1969 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS 396-546456546456

‘Yes’, I hope you are thinking with a stoic look back at the screen, if you consider the video below and the Hagerty index of collectable muscle cars.

The muscle car collectors market took a dip between late 2007 and the beginning of 2014, but now prices and enthusiasm for the market are higher than ever.

Dave Magers, the CEO of Mecum Auctions, says in the video that in the last 10 years the market has seen a 400% increase in the value of muscle cars. The most popular models being late 60s and early 70s Plymouth Cuda, Mustangs, Dodge and the most common muscle car makes.
“Provenance, miles and condition all make a difference on these cars, ” Magers said.

But most importantly, where will the market go in the coming years?
If you consider the enthusiasm for the new muscle car breed, you can bet this will filter down to the worth of the golden era of muscle cars and only add to their current popularity and value.
But as muscle cars are linked to the stock market, no matter what the experts say, the stock market is always susceptible to steep bell curves…. or bubbles. They happen, they always have happened, they always will happen as buying and selling is done with human emotions, not cold clinical logic most the time.
This means there will always be periods of highs and lows, the unanswered question is how long these last and how far they go up or down.


The only certainty is to see what is happening now and make your decisions on that and past data to try and predict the very short-term future.

Presently though, prices are very buoyant and muscle cars are more popular than ever.
Good times………………

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