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Muscle Car Talk: The Winged Warriors

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By Mark Weisseg

Being a Mopar guy and a classic car guy, I remember these days very well. The part that bothers me is that we never thought the winged car would ever take off, pardon the pun. I can recall dealers getting angry and nervous as many did not sell right away.

The Winged Warriors included the Plymouth Superbird and the Dodge Daytona, produced between 1969–1970. Both cars were designed for the NASCAR circuit. A minimum number of 500 cars had to be produced to satisfy NASCAR ruling. However, these huge vehicles didn’t fly out the showroom as intended. Just a little too outrageous for the times?

Factory incentives had to be brought in to accelerate the sales. It’s one of those hindsight things of if you had only known back then. We took them for granted and when we see them today we let our jaws drop.
Not because the car is the most beautiful vehicle ever but, it is one where the value has increased significantly. Today they fetch huge money.
Go investigate what a Hemi or 440ci. engine Superbird or Dodge Daytona sells for today. Even with the rate of inflation these cars are as hot as a poker iron. A barn find 440ci. Superbird came up for auction recently which got loads of headlines.

It’s funny they only came with a vinyl top. A vinyl top is so outdated today but back then it was the “in” thing.
There are many other factors why the winged warriors didn’t sell instantly, but for those lucky few who did buy the cars, it was probably the best car investment they ever made.

So, if by chance I am dreaming please let me sleep as I am in my glory. I have a terrible fear I will wake up and find out that the engines of today have all these pollution gadgets and little sensors everywhere…..

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