Muscle Car Talk: Unpopular Muscle Cars That Became Classics.

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We all talk about cars we had, got rid of and wish we had back or a car we should have bought but did not for some reason. The flip side is also trying to figure out what we should buy now and store away for the future. That’s a constant task.

Here’s mine. We feature these winged warriors alot, either Superbird’s or Daytonas, mainly as they had such a short run of only a year or so and are so rare.
I remember when they brought these cars out new. A lot of us chuckled that is was a Roadrunner with a wing and a cone. You could buy a ’70 Roadrunner with a 426 hemi or the powerful 440 all with vinyl tops. That was the rage in 1970.
I recall dealers ordering these cars and sitting on them as sales were flat for a while. Some looked at the car as weird. Who drives a car on the streets with a wing on the back and an orange one too?
It was another time period, but in hindsight we are all glad these kind of designs come out as it helps others stretch their imagination.
I had a neighbor that had a orange one with a 440. He did not drive it much and you know why? He took abuse from other people that called his car dumb looking or what kind of fool buys a street car with a wing on it? For factual purposes in most city areas your average speed over the course of a day might be 25 miles per hour. So, you need a winged car for what reason? You stuck out like a very bad sore thumb.

They were smart after all
Fast forward 46 years and all the naysayers look pretty stupid. I was stupid that I listened to the masses and did not go with my gut. Now, for most of us it is too late. A ’70 Bird with a 440 can fetch anywhere from 150k to 200k. A Bird with the now famous Hemi engine in great condition fetches far above that.

So, that takes us back up top to try to figure out what the next super money classic is. I wish I knew.

By Mark Weisseg

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