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Muscle Car Talk: My Ultimate Dream machine

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By Mark Weisseg

Did you ever have a car or truck that you dreamed of owning? I do and it’s this one pictured. I want a red one with a black interior, these wheels, a 440 engine and a automatic transmission. So, why don’t I have it? I have other cool cars so why is this not parked in my garage? I don’t know. I hope I can get it the next go around but I just heard myself say on Sunday that a C 2 Corvette would be nice. Maybe I want to always have that carrot on the stick.

I don’t know what the issue is. I should just go out in the market place and find one and buy it. Then my dream car would be mine. But, that sounds great and all that but what if way down in the smallest part of my brain I cannot do it? Maybe if I obtain my dream then I would have nothing to moan about. I really don’t know. I see them at car shows and I make great comments to the owners, I think about them but do nothing. Do I need someone literally to force me into buying one? I hope not. But I always loved the style of the car, the engine size and I really do not even need one that is first class. I would like a driver so that if it rained I would not care.

I first drove a car like this when I was about sixteen years old. It was a hard top and it was a 318 engine but I loved it. So Doctor, maybe I am still trying to live in the past? Maybe but I did already buy other trucks and cars from my youth.

My ’69 Road Runner is what I lusted after I got out of high school but never could afford. I have that. It sits in my garage and I can see it, touch it and yes I can drive it. But, I never really worked hard at buying a GTX or a Coronet for some reason. I love these cars as I love nearly all of them, but this one stands out. I mentioned a C2 Corvette earlier. I thought about this over the weekend. What if I traded my RR for a C2? Hmmm, now that whole idea is consuming my free time. It should be I would be willing to trade my RR for a GTX.

Its the dilema we all face as muscle car fans. We have many options and many loves, but we have to decide on only one or two. They also may change over time. Too many choices.

What’s you ultimate muscle car? Comment below.

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