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Junk or Gem Muscle Cars?

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By Mark Weisseg

How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? It’s junk. Throw it away! And you balk as you are not sure. Now, think of all the times you have said or thought, “I wish I had that car again.”

We all say it and I hear that statement all the time. None of us had a clue that a Camaro Z/28 or a Galaxie 500 with a 428 engine would be valuable in the future.

I remember riding in a red 1965 Mustang when it was brand new. It had a black interior and an auto transmission. It was a nice car back in the day but never did we think some 40 plus years later we would sell a kidney for one. It was just a red mustang. Same with a GTO a friend of my brothers had. It was a cool car back in the day and great for burnouts. But, that was all. No biggie. Fast forward to 2016 and we moan about that car. Why did he sell it? Where did it go? Can we locate it? Anybody have an idea? And so on.

You could argue that it’s the same with most things. Stick them in a cupboard for 40 years and the price may go through the roof. However, realistically, it’s the same as owning your present car for the next 40 years just in case it’s worth loads in the future.
But times are different now. We now have the knowledge and information to know which are the potential future rarities, but at least now we know those vehicles that are still in barns and fields throughout the land have value and should be saved.

So, you may see Junk, I see an opportunity now. Even if you cannot immediately restore a car I urge you to step up and save our history. We have one shot at it folks.


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